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Towing Quote What effects the pricing for towing service?

Finding good pricing on towing services in Phoenix can often feel overwhelming. This is a go to guid on how to calculate towing service rates. Therefore, when you understand the cost of towing your car you are able to make a better decision as to where to take it. For instance if you break down outside of town and your towing bill is going to be a few hundred dollars, then it makes more sense just to have your vehicle repaired at a closer facility.

What is a flat rate tow?

Many towing companies offer a flat rate local tow service. Generally the flat rate tow is for vehicles with no major mechanical defects. If your car has air in all four tires, can go in to neutral and roll freely then a flat rate tow service is your best bet. Flat rate towing is the tame price every time regardless if you go 1 mile or up to 5. Always confirm with dispatch that you qualify for flat rate pricing.


How are towing prices in Phoenix calculated?

Normal towing rates have two parts to them. The first is the Hook. The hook charge is what the towing company charges you to send their driver out to you, and load your car onto their vehicle. The second part of the price is the milage. Our standard milage rate is $3.75/mile. Calculate the milage from pick up to drop off. Below is an example.

Towing Service Quote  = Hook + Loaded miles  x Milage Rate. 

A 10 mile tow would be calculated as such. Towing Cost = $67 (hook charge) + 10mi (From pick up to drop off) X $3.75 per mile. Your total cost would be $104.50.

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