4 Reasons To Use Flatbed Towing In Phoenix

Flatbed Towing Service In Phoenix
Flatbed Towing Service In Phoenix.

Flatbed Towing Service In Phoenix 

There are many types of tow trucks but they generally fall into two categories: Flatbed towing and wheel lift towing. Flatbed towing is the preferred method of towing these days. It involves a trailer or a truck equipped with a flatbed on its rear end to transport vehicles from one location to another.

Following are some primary benefits of using flatbed tow trucks, these benefits indicate why it is the best way to tow your car:


  1. Best way to prevent further damage

As opposed to traditional methods of towing, where all four wheels of a car remain touching the ground while transporting, flatbed towing ensures that all wheels of the towed vehicle are placed onto the flat platform of the tow truck.

  1. Greater safety on the road

Flatbed towing is probably the safest option available for transporting vehicles. This method ensures better safety of other road users while transporting a vehicle. When the towed vehicle is firmly strapped on the flatbed platform of the tow truck and not swaying behind the truck on two or four wheels, the risk to pedestrians or passing cars is much lower.

  1. Sometimes it is the only option for transporting vehicles

Unlike other towing methods such as dollies, the wheels of the car are not required to be running during the tow when using flatbed tow trucks. And in some cases, for example, when the vehicle has a broken axle, flatbed tow trucks are the only way of hauling it.

  1. Saves on time

If you are using a dolly for towing, you have to remove the drive shaft of the vehicle in order to prevent transmission damage. With flatbed towing, there are no such hassles. Loading vehicles on flatbed tow trucks is relatively easy. If the car is in good condition, then all you have to do is drive it up the flatbed and strap it for transportation.

On the other hand, if the car is badly damaged and can’t be driven up to the flatbed, then you can do the job by using a winch.


If you have a need for flatbed towing, we’d like you to know that Freeway Towing & Storage offers fast & affordable flatbed towing service everywhere in the The Valley such as Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Peoria, Avondale and surrounding areas.   We will respond immediately  so give us a call right now at (602) 377-0036 if you are in need of a flatbed tow truck!

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What type of tow truck do i need? 

There are two types of towing service. While both types of towing services will get the job done, there are specific reasons why to request either type of service. Not selecting the correct tow truck service can cause hundreds if not thousands of dollars in damages to your vehicle. Here is a breakdown of the different types of towing service.

Flatbed Tow Truck 

Flatbed towing service is the safest way to tow a vehicle. The downside of flatbed towing service is that it is more costly and limited to service ares that it can be completed in. Because of this there are three things you should let dispatch know about while ordering your tow truck. First, flatbed tow trucks are larger than wheel lift tow trucks. The size of the tow truck matters when trying to tow your vehicle from small parking lots or parking garages. Because of this, it is important to let dispatch know of any limited space. Second, the type of vehicle you are driving effects your decision as well.  Most all wheel, and four wheel drive vehicles will require flatbed towing service.  Third, the condition of the rims and tires on your vehicle will also be a determining factor. Therefore if one or more of your tires are flat, or deflated you request a flatbed towing service.

Wheel lift Tow Truck

This is the fastest and cheapest form of towing. The difference between flatbed towing and wheel lift towing is how your car is loaded. A flatbed tow truck lifts the car onto the deck, while a wheel lift tow truck only lifts the front or rear axels off the ground. Wheel lift towing service is best for short tows out of smaller parking lots. Wheel lift towing service is not recommended for all-wheel drive or four wheel drive vehicles with out the use of dollies.

Where are you and where do you need to go?   

Before you pick up your phone and start looking for a towing company you should know your exact location. Therefore, if you do not know the physical street address, then you are going to have to find out where you are. The best practice is to pull out your phone and pull up your map. Drop a pin on your exact location and the phone will populate an address. If that does not work, check your local surroundings and pick a business. Google that business and use that address as a reference point for pick up.

Towing QuoteWhat other information should you have available? 

In order for dispatch to send out the appropriate tow truck  you are going to need to know some basic information about your vehicle. Having this information ready will make the process much smoother and will allow dispatch to give you an accurate estimate of the cost for your towing service.

  • What is the year, make, model and color of your vehicle?

  • Does your vehicle have all 4 wheels inflated?

  • Are the keys with your vehicle and can it go into neutral?

  • How many passengers will be riding along if any?

  • What seems to be the general problem with the vehicle?

What Impacts the cost towing service?

 The cost of towing depends on the type of tow truck you need and where you are located. Calculating rates is usually as follows. Tow hook + Milage. The hook is exactly as it sounds. The charge to load your vehicle.  A company charging $3 per mile will charge the hook fee + $30 for a 10 mile tow. Click here to see our towing rates