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In this post you will get the full break down of towing in Mesa, Arizona. We will cover the different types of towing services from economy towing to luxury towing, average wait times and average towing rates.  We will also cover some important information regarding towing services by location. To book a Tow Truck in Mesa, Arizona Click To Call Now.

Economy Towing Services To Luxury Towing Services

The towing industry is not much different from all other service based industries. There are different types of towing services at different price points. The old saying you get what you pay for applies in many areas in life, and towing is not an exception.

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Economy towing can be found on sites like craigslist. Often these services are provided by people who own 3/4 trucks and trailers looking to make a few extra bucks. If you  o a quick search you will find offers for towing services like “$40 flat rate tows”.The down side is many of these people provide this service on the side, after they are off of work. Not necessarily when you need the service. Now let’s assume you actually get ahold of one of these people, do you really expect them to carry full commercial insurance? Will they be updating worn out equipment that ensures the safe travel of your car? We can only afford what we can afford, but buyer beware. If damage is done to your vehicle you may not get paid for the damages. For more information regarding Arizona towing regulations check out this link. 

Great Mesa, Arizona Towing Companies

The next category of towing we will call great towing companies. We will not get into to much detail here about great towing companies because we have entire other blog strictly about what makes a great towing company. With in that blog post you will also find information regarding towing rates, and what type of service you can expect from the great towing companies.

Luxury Towing Companies In Mesa, Arizona

If you own a luxury vehicle you are going to want to pay the extra expense to have your towing services performed by certified towing specialist. While most companies offer high quality towing services, many companies will not provide towing on luxury vehicles. Not because they are not equipped to get the job done, more because they do not want the liability. Towing companies are required by law to carry a state minimum amount of coverage, and honestly that minimum amount would probably not cover the majority of MAJOR Claims. This is why it is important to ask the company how much “on hook” coverage they have. Towing companies that regularly tow higher end luxury vehicle will carry, $100k to $300k on hook coverage.

Mesa, Arizona Towing Wait Times

For economy towing service you may need to call hours in advance. This is because in order to get the cheapest rates possible you need to give a 3-5 hour window for pick up. The cheaper towing companies often time have a longer wait time because they will take calls by location vs first come first serve. Meaning if another call comes in after you, that happens to be along the way of the current call, they will move that call ahead of yours. It’s how the companies can get the most bang for their buck. Companies that operate on a first come first serve system tend to be higher priced because you can expect a much shorter wait time.


Location, Location, Location 

Another factor that plays heavily into Mesa towing wait time is the location. If your pick up location is centrally located you should have no problem getting towing service in about 30-45 mins. Something worth noting regarding your pick up location is the parking-lot or street that you are being picked up from. The height of parking garages can limit the type of tow trucks that can fit. You can find the clearance hight at the entrances and exits of most parking garages. Towing companies that service those areas should also be familiar with the heights of the local garages.

Wait Time Vs Price

The decision to wait for a tow or pay a premium for fast quality service is up to you. Understanding how towing service in Mesa works will give you the best chance of making the correct choice. For additional information about Mesa towing services please check out our blog.