Heavy Equipment Towing Service In Phoenix

Heavy Equipment Towing Service In Phoenix, Arizona – (602) 377-0036

Transporting heavy duty equipment without a reliable towing company can be difficult. Our trailers are specifically designed to transport heavy duty machinery, heavy equipment and other cargo.

Affordability and reliability are our top priority when providing you with quality Heavy Duty transportation services throughout Phoenix. Our trained, qualified and professional technicians are equipped to safely load, unload and transport an array of vehicles and heavy duty machinery.


Our trailers are equipped to transport light, medium and heavy duty vehicles as well as heavy machinery. Below is a list of equipment we can tow.

  • Military Trucks and Equipment
  • Generators
  • Motor Home Towing Service and RV Towing Service in Phoenix.


  • Construction Machinery
  • Containers
  • Buses up to 11-Feet in Height
  • Specialty Vehicles that Cannot be Towed

Heavy Duty Towing Service Pricing in Phoenix

Heavy towing service pricing is based on a number of factors. Often times you can expect to pay an hourly rate from $150 to $225 from port to port. You can find the best deal if you provide us with a multiple day window to complete your service. Other factors that play into the pricing is the condition of the load being moved. Can the equipment be loaded and unloaded under its own power? How tall and how heavy is the equipment? When calling in to get a quote please provide as much detail about the equipment as possible. This will allow us to provide the most accurate quote.

At Freeway Towing & Storage , we’re committed to the safety of your cargo and work hard to ensure that every delivery is completed safely and efficiently. With the latest in towing equipment you can rest assured that your load will arrive to its final destination in its original condition. The next time you’re in need of heavy towing service in Phoenix, call Freeway Towing & Storage. We’ll pick you up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.